I turned 30 yesterday.

I came into work early this morning and started writing down my thoughts and feelings about turning 30.

This is 30.

At 30, I can say:

I am blessed to be alive and grateful for my health and the physical ability to simply do what I choose without any limitations.

I am blessed to have family and friends who I can go for support and encouragement, while reminding myself that I am only a reflection of the closest people in my life.

I have experienced losses, both near and far, and have seen how short and fragile life can be.  Each day is a reminder to complain less and smile more. To discourage less, uplift more.  To judge less, love more.  To stay present while not worrying about the next day.

I am blessed that I have luxuries and privileges that the majority of the world lives without, the choice to choose happiness without oppression, and to live in a country that fights for justice and freedom.

I am grateful to have traveled to many different places and experienced diverse cultures, people, and lifestyles to understand that my way is not the only way and need to be open-minded to others who are different.

At 30, I choose to say:

I am grateful that despite my fears, I can continue to push thru them and never give up on redefining myself.  To remind myself every morning that life is about the process and less about the results.

I am secure as a man who knows his worth and value.  That my identity does not come from my position, wealth, or status but rather from a conviction that I was created by an awesome creator who loves me unconditionally.

I will continue to refine myself so that I can love and support my (future) partner thru patience, compassion, and gratitude. To give without expecting anything in return, to accept her just as she is, and help her blossom into who she was meant to be.

I don't need to compare myself to others on where I should be in life.  I recognize that everyone is seeking the same pursuit of "success" and "happiness", and the how is not as important as the why

Finally at 30, I will say:

I am still a work in progress, and that I'm comfortable admitting that there are areas in my life where I need to build up good habits while eliminating bad ones.

I have found my dream after a setback in my career which allowed me to realize what I am willing to suffer for.  Every day is an opportunity to take diligent steps towards that dream and make that dream one day become a reality.

I love who I am. Perfection is not what I'm seeking, but rather, becoming a better version of myself today than yesterday and never settling for the easy way out. I want to strive towards excellence while remaining grounded in humility.

Life will not be easy and there will be many failures along the way. I may want to give up at times.  And some days will feel like I'm lost and not in control. But that's okay...because I'm still alive and well.

This is 30. I'm finally 30. And it's gonna be alright. 


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